Brave Ventures
Sherpa’s founder Mark Secchia talks about starting a successful business in China.

Q: What made you come to China and start your career here?

Community Builder
Pascal Coppens, CEO of, a location-based social media platform, talks about using facial recognition technology and online interaction to boost brand and company loyalty

QUOTE: Building communities in itself is pretty difficult. In China it’s a nightmare to retain your employees. We are trying to find solutions for keeping people in companies.

I have been in China for a while. I started working here in 1991. I went back to China from the West because I saw the market and opportunities here. Since 2006, I’ve had my own venture.

Brave Digital World
Amanda Mooney, senior manager of Edelman Shanghai’s digital practice, talks shop

Q: Your Tumblr site, wearethedigitalkids, was featured quite prominently. Have you kept up with it in China?

A: It’s done well, it’s just really like my place to share things that are interesting. I think Tumblr is really interesting especially for somebody starting out in the [blogosphere] because you don’t have to know what your perspective is. You learn your perspective by sharing and kind of creating that mix of different voices that inspire you.

Soft Skills
REV founder Jeff Tan on the challenges of starting a small business in China
Self Made
Tony Goodwin, CEO of Antal International, opens his diary
It for Everyone
Pervez Qureshi and Vincent Tang talk about opportunities in China’s ERP market Interviewed
Brain Catalysts
William Volcoff, founder of Octopus Innovation, opens his diary
Medium Rare
Morton's The Steakhouse brings Midwestern style service and steaks to Chinese diners with a taste for something different
Mónica Muriel, Managing Director of DaD Asia Seed Capital, opens her diary
Unique Perfection
Michel Cao Tuan Phan, associate professor of luxury marketing at EMLYON Business School talks about how China’s luxury consumers are unique