The Growing Pains of IT in China
The IT industry is only just taking off in China. Lucrative as it is, the impending opportunities to foreign companies also presents major stumbling blocks

As a part of its 12th Five Year Development Plan, China announced its decision to improve computing infrastructure, including the funding of industrial zones to support as many as twenty enormous data centers, also known as “cloud cities.” The investment comes as no surprise to those familiar with the drought of sophisticated information technology practices in China.

Antiquity Meets Modernity
Xi’an is gaining prominence as one of China’s fastest growing second-tier cities, nurturing a modern economy and thriving music scene

Xi’an is perhaps most famed as the site of the terracotta warriors and for its rich cultural heritage as the first capital of China, but the city is also increasingly known as a center of high-tech development and advanced technology.

The diverse capital of Shaanxi province in northwest China has a population of over eight million. Its name in Chinese means ‘west’ and ‘peace.’

Comunity traditions

With a tradition of great leaders among its alumni ranks, including  Winston Churchill, Lord Byron, Pandit Nehru and Richard Curtis, it’s no wonder why Harrow School is an institution famous for its toptier education. Its Beijing branchis no exception, known widely for readying pupils for academic success. But what separates the Beijing branch of Harrow from other schools are the tight-knit communities it cultivates for both students and parents.

Exceling outside the classroom

Every child of school age participates in some form of extracurricular activity, although the reasons for doing so vary considerably. Some students will take part in a number of clubs for pure enjoyment, while others may be looking to widen their talent pool with future college applications in mind. Most schools will have star athletes that may be so dedicated to a particular sport that they do not have the time to participate in other activities. But with

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