Humorous Adaptation
A few brave souls have ventured to export Western humor on to Chinese stages in Shanghai

Home away from home is difficult. To combat this, expats have simply transferred some favored elements of their home countries’ entertainment scenes to China. (Now, everyone in metropolitan China knows where boisterous laowais congregate at night.) Occasionally, the opportunity arises for a group of likeminded entertainers to build upon their interests and develop it into a form of income. Comedy is no exception.

Starting from scratch

Circular Economy
China has a huge trash problem, and recycling could go a long way to addressing it
Magic Kingdom
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Home, Sweet Home
A new index on the quality of life in Chinese cities
E-bike Boom
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New Vernacular
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Playing Out
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Drive Yourself
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Organic Growth
Naturally grown food is becoming more popular with Chinese consumers concerned about food safety
Indulgenck Kingdom
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